10/30/2023, 10:07 am EDT

Early Solar Maxima 25 Forecast (by NOAA) and Adjusted Stronger. Surprises Still Possible.

NOAA updated the solar cycle 25 forecast late last week. Solar cycle 25 is interesting, beginning much more active than expected and well ahead of the initial forecast. However, recent months have brought a slowdown in solar activity making the over-achieving character of early solar cycle 25 to question. The new NOAA projection is certainly stronger than the initial forecast. Additionally, the arrival of solar maxima 25 is faster.
10/25/2023, 5:22 am EDT

North Atlantic Tropics Week 2-4 Outlook: More late season trouble ahead!

Overnight “Otis” intensified rapidly to become a category-5 major hurricane just before striking Acapulco on the south coast of Mexico this morning. Former Tropical Depression 21 has crossed Central America and entered the East Pacific and is likely to drift west-northwest and become another hurricane. Hurricane Tammy is forecast to turn northwest and west while transitioning into a powerful extratropical cyclone. An ALERT is issued for the North-central Caribbean Sea for a possible tropical cyclone emerging next week.
10/24/2023, 8:39 am EDT

U.S. Weather Pattern Heading Toward Extremes

Here it comes…early winter weather is organizing over the Interior Northwest to the northwest Great Plains the next 1-2 days as Winter Storm Warnings are issued and will expand. Meanwhile the onset of an extreme rainfall event in the Southern U.S. is showing signs with a Flood Watch posted for southern Oklahoma/northern Texas. Over-achieving morning chill in the East as Frost Advisories are issued for much of the Mid-Atlantic region.