11/27/2022, 12:37 pm EST

Argentina Heat Wave Starts Meteorological Summer!

A large region of dry soils (and drought) across the northern half of Argentina attracts anomalous heat and more dryness as meteorological summer begins and Argentina drought worsens.
11/25/2022, 8:27 am EST

MJO Rolls Across Pacific Toward Atlantic To Ignite Mid-south/Brazil Heavy Rains

Forecast models reveal presence of MJO convection concentrated near the Dateline through the weekend surging eastward toward and into the equatorial Atlantic in early December. The influence on climate is heavy rainfall across the Mid-south (and vicinity) in the 10-day U.S. precipitation outlook, enhanced rains across Brazil, and a rare drying trend in Australia.
11/23/2022, 12:28 pm EST

Mississippi River Water Level Forecasts Are Too Pessimistic!

Today's midday report reveals a wet 12Z GFS forecast for the central and southern Mississippi River Valley. If correct, river levels will not descend sharply as 14-day outlooks indicate at Memphis, TN and other nearby locations.
11/22/2022, 8:20 am EST

Much Needed Rainfall In the Lower Mississippi River Valley Forecast

NOAA/WPC trends wetter across the Mid-south U.S. in the latest U.S. 5-day precipitation forecast. The outlook produces an emerging area of heavy rain in northeast Texas tomorrow which shifts to the Lower Mississippi River on Thursday and strengthens potentially causing several in. of rain. The heavy rain will raise low river levels of the southern Mississippi River.