11/04/2022, 1:52 pm EDT

Substantial Rain/Coastal Wind Carolina Coast Next Week

An evolving tropical or subtropical system in the Bahamas is likely to form early next week. This system inspires a long duration wind and rain fetch into the Carolina Coast for early-to-middle of next week.
11/03/2022, 8:05 am EDT

Progressive MJO Pushes a Warm to Cold U.S. Thermal Transition

Madden Julian oscillation is shifting east from the West Pacific now across the Pacific over the next 2 weeks. Initially, MJO drives a stormy West and very warm East U.S. pattern. However, in the extended-range, the chilly weather spreads across much of the U.S.
11/03/2022, 8:01 am EDT

Extreme Rain Risk in Australia Fading; Early Season TC’s Expected

Tropical cyclone season initiated on Nov. 1 in Australia. Early season tropical cyclones are rare but expected this season due to the very warm SSTA north and northeast of the continent. Meanwhile, -IOD is expected to fade helping to lower risk of excessive rainfall events for Australia.
11/02/2022, 5:03 am EDT

Great Plains Severe Storms, Brazil Rainfall Pattern Change and New Cold Eurasia

Important pattern changes are ahead including arrival of heavy rain and severe weather in the Great Plains the next few days while in Brazil the prevailing wet pattern across Southeast Brazil shifts to the northeast part of the nation. Europe remains very warm, but an evolving cold air mass centered on the Caspian Sea area will broaden in the extended-range and ease the Europe warmth and cause a cold regime to develop in the Black Sea region. In Australia, the extreme rainfall pattern has eased.