04/17/2023, 5:23 am EDT

Much Improved Europe Soil Moisture Trend Continues

The Europe Drought Observatory most recent soil moisture anomaly analysis reveals dramatic improvement across much of Europe including France to U.K. and Ireland where moderate drought leftover from last summer remained into early March.
04/16/2023, 9:47 am EDT

Great Plains Drought is Worsening

During the past 7 days the U.S. precipitation pattern observed a widening dry regime featuring little or no precipitation across most of the U.S. including the ongoing D3/D4 drought in the central and southwest Great Plains to Texas. The only recent wet periods in the Central U.S. were Feb. 26-Mar. 4 and Mar. 19-25 when heavy amount stayed just east of the drought zone. Consequently, the drought condition is increasingly aggressive from Nebraska to Kansas to northwest and west-central Texas .