04/11/2023, 9:10 am EDT

Great Plains Drought Resiliency Redeveloping?

From North Dakota to Kansas, 91% of that stretch was in drought at the beginning of the year. That number lowers to 77% in early April. In the Oklahoma to Texas stretch, 68% of that region was in drought on the 1st of January lowering to 52% in early April. So…aerial coverage of drought has lowered through Q1/2023. However, intense D3/D4 drought remains prominent in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. The precipitation outlooks indicate worsening conditions are possible over the next 6 weeks.
04/10/2023, 9:10 pm EDT

A Look at March 2023 and Q1/2023 State-by-State Climate Rankings

The Q1/2023 state-by-state temperature rankings were controlled by the effect on climate by very cool SSTA off the West Coast (causing a chilly West U.S. JAN/FEB/MAR) while warm SSTA of the western North Atlantic Ocean ran parallel to the anomalous warm temperatures across the South and East U.S. In fact, the entire Southeast U.S. observed a record warm Q1/2023.
04/10/2023, 2:04 pm EDT

The Warm and Rising Gulf of Mexico

According to 2 recent studies done separately at University of Arizona and Tulane University, researchers have determined sea level rise has accelerated since 2010 in the northern Gulf of Mexico. The rise, on average, is about 5-6 inches.
04/10/2023, 5:04 am EDT

El Nino Ahead but Marine Heat Wave Needs to Strike West Coast of North America for Stronger El Nino in 2023

Strong conflicting signals are presented within the ENSO System during the mid-point of the ENSO seasonal prediction barrier. The Nino12 SSTA region off the northwest coast of South America has warmed rapidly and impressively as daily SSTA in this region is approaching a whopping +3.0! However, despite the super warming, the Nino34 SSTA region covering the east-central equatorial Pacific where ENSO phase is monitored is a resilient neutral phase.