04/07/2022, 5:51 am EDT

North Atlantic 2022 Tropical Cyclone Season Forecast: 10th Most-active in 1950-2021 Climatology

The Climate Impact Company early April North Atlantic Seasonal Tropical Cyclone Forecast for 2022 indicates 19 tropical storms, 9 hurricanes and 4 intense hurricanes are expected. The forecast ranks in the top 10 most active seasons given the 1950-2021 climatology. The accumulative cyclone energy (ACE) index forecast is 135 which ranks the intensity forecast of the 2022 season at 20th most intense given the 1950-2021 climatology.
04/04/2022, 2:42 pm EDT

Madden Julian Oscillation Becoming Active Again; Could Squash La Nina

The Madden Julian oscillation is forecast by GFS to strengthen and shift toward the Dateline over the next 10 days. Beneath that zone, waters are already warming. If MJO shifts east of the Dateline after mid-April another warm surge of water could further weaken La Nina.