04/11/2022, 8:18 am EDT

Unwanted Cold Emerges in Ukraine and Shifts West across Europe

An unusually chilly air mass in that region is expected to develop and widen in the 6-10-day period according to GFS. The chill is strongest over Ukraine and just to the north in Western Russia. At that time minimum temperature risk dipping to <32F/0C is evident with several areas to 28F/-3C. In the 11-15-day period, GFS pushes the cold pattern westward across Europe. At that time there is a 30-40% risk of <32F/0C through Central Europe.
04/10/2022, 12:59 pm EDT

A Review of U.S. Winter 2021-22

The cold season for 2021-22 offered a lot of variety most of which was not friendly to the natural gas market. The cold season started with a very warm climate feature record warmth in December. However, the mid-winter when temperatures are coldest observed a reversal in the pattern featuring top-third cold in the high energy demand northeast quadrant of the U.S. February brought a “polar vortex” cold outbreak surging into Texas and pulsing across the East followed by another cold shot in early March.
04/08/2022, 7:11 am EDT

The Australian Heavy Rains Continue

The persistent upper-level low-pressure trough across East Australia so far in 2022 coupled with increased low atmospheric moisture caused by the warmer than normal oceans either side of Australia continue to fuel an excessive wet weather regime across East Australia.
04/07/2022, 9:04 am EDT

Brazil and U.S. Drought Concerns

Close monitoring of forecasts across Brazil as we follow the progress of their second corn crop and also the historic dryness already in-place in the U.S. including California, Texas and Montana and the likely intensification ahead as summer 2022 approaches.