01/24/2022, 5:17 pm EST

Upper Ocean Chill to Energize La Nina is Diminishing

Upper ocean heat in the equatorial Pacific Ocean to the east of Dateline has diminished to near normal implying fuel to maintain La Nina is diminishing rapidly.
01/24/2022, 5:15 pm EST

ECMWF Forecasts a Major New England Blizzard for the Weekend!

ECMWF forecasts a 954 MB low east of New England next Saturday evening which - if correct - would cause a major blizzard in New England. A storm of this magnitude would produce hurricane force wind just offshore and hurricane force gusts on the coast especially Cape Cod. A wind-driven 1-2 feet of snow!
01/24/2022, 4:36 am EST

New England Snowstorm Early Next Weekend

In the morning Climate Impact Company U.S. Energy Report, both the GFS and ECM agree on a snowstorm for east/southeast New England for early in the upcoming weekend. Southeast Massachusetts may receive 1 foot of snow.
01/23/2022, 10:50 am EST

Over-Achieving Cold Morning Temperatures in Louisiana

Proximity of snow cover in the Missouri Valley coupled with a northerly air mass trajectory drove over-achieving cold mornings this weekend in Louisiana.