01/21/2022, 9:41 am EST

Various U.S. Gas Population Weight HDD Anomaly Charts

Gas population weight HDD anomaly forecasts certainly reveal the bold bias across the North, East and into the South into early February followed by a shift of the cold (and attendant heating demand) westward into the middle third of February.
01/20/2022, 9:28 am EST

Needed Precipitation Appears in Early February Forecast for Great Plains and Paraguay

Much needed precipitation is indicated in pattern-change forecasts for early February across the Great Plains/East-central U.S. and Paraguay. The precipitation brings relief to drought-battered Paraguay.
01/18/2022, 11:24 am EST

Will The Tonga Volcano Influence Global Climate?

The Tonga Volcano VEI classification is certain to be at least 4 and possibly 5 which automatically qualifies the volcano as a likely influencer of global climate. Early speculation is that Tonga is the strongest volcanic eruption since Pinatubo in 1991.
01/18/2022, 9:41 am EST

Kelvin Wave Emerges, Pushes East of Dateline

Sings that La Nina may be breaking down as a Kelvin Wave emerges rapidly and shifts east in the equatorial Pacific Ocean subsurface to near 140W. If this feature reaches the northwest coast of South AMerica in a couple weeks, La Nina will continue to decay as observed last week.