07/16/2021, 7:51 am EDT

Super-Intense Bermuda High!

The catalyst to all of the extreme weather in the U.S. during early summer including historic rains in the northwest Gulf States, a strong Southwest Monsoon and anomalous heat over the Northwest has been, in-part a super intense Bermuda high-pressure system (Fig. 1). So far in July, the Bermuda high-pressure system has averaged an astounding 4-6 MB stronger than normal. SLP has routinely been in the 1030 MB range which is unusually high for summertime.
07/15/2021, 11:46 am EDT

Unusually Warm Tropical Atlantic SSTA To Fuel A Wet Brazil Climate

Currently, an unusually warm SSTA pattern persists across the central and east Atlantic tropics. The anomalous warm SSTA represents buoyant low-level atmosphere moisture. The IMME (model) forecasts the warm SSTA to surge westward into the northern coast of South America as a La Nina pattern (also) develops by October. The combination of the two SSTA regimes should yield a much-needed wet climate for Brazil.
07/15/2021, 8:25 am EDT

Excessive Rainfall In Germany. Storm Shifts To Southeast Europe.

Another upper-level storm shifting east across Europe brought flash flooding to Germany which caused at least 19 deaths according to Reuters New Service. The event shifts to Southeast Europe where additional flooding rainfall is expected the next couple days.
07/14/2021, 1:40 pm EDT

12Z GFS Projects 114F for Minneapolis July 24th

Given the new source region for extreme heat...the D3/D4 drought area across the Canadian Prairies and North-central U.S., anomalous heat can easily shift eastward reaching Minnesota in 10 days.