07/11/2021, 8:09 pm EDT

La Nina Modoki Risk Later This Year

More confident is a return of La Nina by quarter 4 of 2021 by most forecast models. Interestingly, several models are indicating potential for the coolest SSTA associated with the returning La Nina near or just east of the Dateline while waters are near normal off the northwest coast of South America. This condition is representative of a La Nina Modoki and most prominently forecast by NCEP CFS V2 by October.
07/11/2021, 7:35 pm EDT

June 2021 Is Record Hot!

Given the historic western U.S. drought there is no surprise on the record heat observed in the West (and nationally) during June 2021.
07/09/2021, 3:32 pm EDT

Colorado State University Raises Seasonal Tropical Activity Forecast. Could Be More Than Indicated!

Colorado State University has raised the 2021 seasonal activity forecast for North Atlantic tropical cyclones to 20 tropical storms, 9 hurricanes and 4 intense hurricanes. The ACE index is now 160. The Climate Impact Company concern is amounts could be higher due to the lingering La Nina climate as defined by multi-variate ENSO index.
07/09/2021, 3:28 pm EDT

La Nina Likely To Return Later In 2021. Could be a vigorous event!

The Climate Impact Company July 2021 ENSO forecast reveals potential for a moderate-to-strong La Nina event returning later in 2021. The moderate La Nina strength atmosphere has lingered despite oceanic ending of La Nina in April. For this reason, the atmosphere is likely to regenerate conditions to propel the return of La Nina for quarter 4 of 2021.