05/10/2020, 9:48 am EDT

Weak La Nina Likely During Tropical Cyclone Season

The steady loss of heat in the subsurface equatorial Pacific Ocean east of the Dateline is an indicator that some forecast models that indicate La Nina for later this summer are on target! A weak La Nina substantially increases hurricane risk in the North Atlantic,
05/06/2020, 10:38 am EDT

Global Soil Moisture Regime At The End of April 2020: Very wet!

Despite the large amount of wet soil regions there are some important drought areas. The strongest dry area emerging is across southwest Brazil’s second corn crop and extending across the Parana River basin. This zone trended much drier the past 2-3 months. A second key drought area is across the south and southwest Russia wheat belt extending to Romania also trending drier through early 2020 (but receiving rainfall in early May).
05/03/2020, 12:37 pm EDT

The U.S. Population Weight HDD Anomalies for the 2019-20 Cold Season

The 2019-20 U.S. cold season monthly population weight HDD ranks indicate a chilly start (November 4th coldest) and end (April ranked 3rd coldest) of the season with exceptionally warm climate through the core of the winter season lead by the 2nd warmest January in the 20-year climatology.