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06/25/2024, 8:13 am EDT

Rapid Drought Development Warning Issued for Mid-south, Southern Ohio Valley, and Mid-Atlantic

As stated on several occasions via soil moisture observations and trend and yesterday’s 2-5-week outlook, conditions for developing and expanding drought in the U.S. are favorable. NOAA/CPC identified specific regions in an alert issued late yesterday. They are eastern Oklahoma, the southern Missouri Valley, southern Ohio Valley to the western Tennessee Valley, and Mid-Atlantic region.
06/20/2024, 5:48 am EDT

U.S. Population Weight JUN/JUL/AUG 2024 Forecast Roars to 4th Hottest of This Century

The short-term heat across the high population northeast quadrant of the U.S. is expected to repeat during summer 2024 and consequently the U.S. population weight CDD forecast has increased again. The JUN/JUL/AUG 2024 projection is 1004 CDD ranking 4th hottest of this century trailing only 2016 (1030), 2010 (1020), and 2011 (1014). 
06/16/2024, 9:08 am EDT

With La Nina and Potential -IOD Ahead Australia Returns to Wet Climate Pattern

Expected later this year as an evolving La Nina climate and several global SSTA forecast models are now projecting negative phase of the Indian Ocean dipole. The combination of La Nina and -IOD climate ahead supports a wet pattern in Australia by springtime especially eastern sections.
06/13/2024, 9:31 am EDT

U.S. Energy Market Early Notes

Once again, Climate Impact Company raises the U.S. population weight CDD forecast for each month of meteorological summer (Fig. 1). The new forecast is the hottest so far and slowly getting closer to the hottest on record this century. Anticipated electricity demand on the U.S. grid is on the increase.