Climate Impact Company has 4 primary objectives with our prediction products.

  1. Producing the best seasonal forecast possible – anywhere across the globe.
  2. Monitoring the seasonal climate forecast with the twice per week issue of the week 2-4 forecasts which define confidence of the previously issued seasonal climate forecast and identify any change (if needed) before the next seasonal climate forecast is issued.
  3. Identifying the pattern and its eventual pattern change in the medium-range (6-10/11-15/16-20 day forecast).
  4. Providing the best climate diagnostics analysis and forecasts which drive the seasonal forecasts.

Climate change and industry needs drive our primary objectives.


According to Dr. Olivia Kellner (Climate Impact Company Climate Researcher), “Climate change refers to a systematic change in the global climate system that results in a warmer or colder, wetter or drier, climate pattern.” Climate Impact Company reviews observations and trends of the global climate system to assess and predict future climate.

Examples are the effect of record warm global ocean temperatures and influence on ENSO, the increased relevance of non-ENSO regimes of the vast oceans such as Pacific decadal oscillation and Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation on climate and of course soil moisture regimes and cold season snow cover. A recent discovery by Climate Impact Company is the dramatic influence on climate caused by the speed of climate signal changes.

The climate system also includes changes in the hydrosphere, lithosphere, cryosphere, biosphere AND the atmosphere. It’s not just climate models and analogs. The process starts global and is refined regionally because every region is different.


It takes more than just models


Big data and models are taking over decision making in industry. But is that enough? A discerning eye on the skill level of the many meteorological and climate models out there is required for the best climate assessment and prediction. We have decades of experience WITH industry making these critical decisions and calls.


Our forecast approach was driven by YOU


Climate Impact Company has decades of experience with many industries. Risk managers, analysts, traders all want to know one thing: Define the risk of adverse climate and the weather events and their severity within that climate regime and forecast when those conditions will emerge. We project those conditions in the seasonal forecast and identify the onset the weather conditions with the week 2-4 forecasts and most accurately in the 6-10/11-15 day medium-range forecasts. The process works because it was designed by climate forecasters AND industry.


Learn with us


What dramatic event or regime will affect me and when will it begin – without exception this is the risk managers most important and critical interest. Not everyone wants to know the dynamics of how we identify important weather and climate risk – at least not at first. But our experience tells us that the stronger the business relationship becomes between us and our clients the more they want to know about climate. You’ll learn a lot working with us which is important in a knowledge-based economy.