Access to all historical NOAA data including temperature, precipitation, heating and cooling degree days and much more. Knowing where to find the Data and quickly and deliver in an easy to use format is what we do.

Access to all climate signals data including all of the major teleconnections, SSTA data and indices we develop. Markets are rapidly gaining interest having access to the climate indices that determine our climate regimes. Some of the more popular requests include ENSO data, North Atlantic oscillation and soil moisture indices. We have access and use all of these data bases to drive our forecast products. If you need your own data let us know.

Customized climate correlation studies. Correlating Pacific decadal oscillation with Northwest U.S. precipitation, Madden Julian oscillation and Great Plains heavy rainfall events, ENSO influence on global markets and soil moisture regimes versus summertime heat are just a few common projects we’re asked to provide. We can initiate and help you with your climate correlation projects.