02/07/2022, 11:28 am EST

Pacific Northwest HYDRO High Impact WX Charts

Highlight: Dry Northwest, high wind events Northwest Plains and ERCOT. Fig. 1: Warmest temperatures this week in western Washington/Oregon is Friday. Readings are well into the 70’s southwest Oregon. The Interior Northwest stays chilly and Montana turns cold again by late week. Fig. 2: The GFS ENS indicates the West is dry to very dry through the next 15 days. Fig. 3: The percent of normal precipitation for the New Water year which began October 1st is near or above normal for much of the Interior West to Washington State but below normal in Northern California and especially the Southern Continental Divide region.   Fig. 4: The percent of normal snow water equivalent is generally below to much below normal across much of the West except near to above normal Snake River basin to the Central Rockies and parts of Oregon and southeastern Nevada/northwestern Arizona. Fig. 5: High wind risk is evident across the Dakotas to Nebraska to western Minnesota tomorrow and again on Friday.   Fig. 6: A high wind event is possible in the 6-10-day period across central and western Texas.