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10/21/2018, 7:31 pm EDT

U.S. Week 2-4 Outlook

Highlight: Chilly East early November followed by a warmer reversal. Last week’s observed temperature anomalies/precipitation amount for October14-20, 2018 Discussion: A chilly week across the U.S. especially the Great Plains to Texas. In Texas heavy precipitation resulted in flash flooding. Wet weather extended to the Ohio Valley. The West and Florida were quite dry. Week 2 Ahead: October 28-November 3, 2018 Comment: A cool outbreak across the East-Central/East U.S. trailing a Northeast storm. Rain-to-snow then warm-to-colder northwest Plains to the Canadian Rockies. California turns warmer and the Gulf region turns drier. Week 3 Ahead: November 4-10, 2018 Comment: A warmer change in the East/Southeast and wet weather extends north from 4 Corners to Upper Midwest and could be heavy centered on Louisiana. The cold weather in Canada remains and extends southwest to the Rocky Mountains and includes some northern Great Plains snowfall. Week 4 Ahead: November 11-17, 2018 Comment: Wet weather but mild in the Southeast U.S. while the Northwest Coast is also wet.