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07/18/2019, 2:26 pm EDT

Midday Energy Market Update

Highlight: July 26-August 1 is trending warmer biased by a warmer Northeast forecast.   Midday model changes in the medium-range… Days 6-10: Warmer Central and Mid-Atlantic. Drier East, wetter Upper Midwest. Days 11-15: Cooler Central. Warmer Northwest and Southeast. Dates CDD forecast 12-hr change 24 hours ago 10-Year Nml Jul 12-18 93.9 +0.6 93.4 84.3 Jul 19-25 83.3 +1.8 85.2 84.4 Jul 26-Aug 1 91.4 +1.3 79.1 82.9  Table 1: CWG tabulates the 12Z GFS OP gas population weight HDD and CDD forecast through late July. Extreme heat… The axis of hottest weather during the next few days is is the central Plains to Ohio Valley and northern Mid-Atlantic tomorrow when high temperatures reach 94-102. Highest heat index tomorrow is 110-115 in eastern Nebraska and southern Virginia. On Saturday heat index is in the 110-115 range from Virginia to NYC with high temperatures well into the 90’s and a few places reaching 100. Extreme heat and heat index is likely Virginia and the northern Mid-Atlantic Sunday. NOAA/CPC drought outlook update…The outlook indicates widening drought in the Northwest U.S. and a new drought zone in southern Texas (Fig. 1).   Fig. 1: The latest NOAA/CPC seasonal drought outlook.