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07/22/2019, 10:42 am EDT

Gas/Power Market Notes: California Update

Highlight: Hot episode is ahead. The 5-day forecast Northern region (Redding): No alerts. Seasonably hot, 95-100. Middle region (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Sacramento): No alerts. Hotter changes inland…97-103. But heat avoids the coast. Southern region (Burbank, Los Angeles and San Bernardino/Riverside): No alerts. However, heat wave conditions continue well inland with steady 100-105. The heat wave avoids the coastal region. 6-10 day alerts Northern region: Heat Alert. Borderline heat wave, low 100’s. Middle region. Heat Alert. Over 100 away from coast each day. Unclear if the heat reaches the coast but trend is in that direction. Southern region. Heat alert. Reaching 90 at the coast and 100-105 inland. 11-15 day alerts At least borderline excessive heat is expected.