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12/10/2018, 5:17 am EST

U.S. Gas/Power Market Notes

The U.S. Gas POP WT HDD Anomaly 4-Week Observation/Forecast : Warmth Ahead Then Returning Cold Discussion: After a cold November (and early December) for much of the U.S. a warm reversal remains in the forecast emerging in full-force next week and lasting into the following week although note the cooler forecast trend for Dec. 21-27 (Fig. 1).  National cold returns late DEC/early JAN possibly colder than indicated. The late month trend is substantially colder. Regionally ERCOT and the Rocky Mountains are warmest Dec. 14-20 (Fig. 2). Note the colder New England/Mid-Atlantic forecast for late DEC/early JAN. Fig. 1: CIC 4-week observation/forecast HDD departure from normal. Fig. 2: CIC U.S. regional 4-week HDD departure from normal forecast.