08/11/2022, 7:43 am EDT

BGE 5-Day Weather Alert

Highlight: The heat is gone. Almanac…Yesterday’s MAX/MIN: 94/73 Rainfall: 0.81 in. Thursday…Scattered showers and thunderstorms passing this morning followed by clearing. A few lightning strikes possible, lack of gusty wind. Wind becomes northwest 5-15 mph. High 88. Low 67. Friday…Sunny. North wind 5-15 mph with a few higher gusts. High 83. Low 62. Saturday…Mostly sunny. Light north wind. High 83. Low 62. Sunday…Mostly sunny. Chance of showers at night. Light south wind. High 83. Low 67. Monday…Showers and thundershowers likely. Light and variable wind. High 80. Low 70. Medium-range… Days 6-10: -2.5. 110% of normal precipitation. Days 11-15: +1.0. 130% of normal precipitation. Normal: High 87. Low 67. Palmer drought severity index…New! The PDSI is -2.10 which is MUCH drier than normal. Rainfall required to neutralize the = PDSI is at 5.97 in. Strong drought is weakening. Wetter trend to continue!