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10/22/2018, 7:20 am EDT

BGE 5-Day Weather Alert

General forecast… Frost advisory in effect. Yesterday: 54/37 Max wind gust: 37 mph MON: Mostly sunny. High 55. Low 43. TUE: Partly cloudy. High 65. Low 42. WED: Partly cloudy, breezy. High 54. Low 34. THU: Mostly sunny. High 52. Low 34. FRI: Rain by late day, heavy at night. High 50. Low 38. Days 6-10: SAT rainstorm. Normal: High 64. Low 41. Operational forecast WED: West-northwest wind 13-17 mph with gusts to 32-38 mph 11AM to 4PM. Borderline Alert 1. FRI/SAT: Potential major rain/wind storm.