12/18/2023, 7:15 pm EST

December 2023 U.S. Wind Outlook

Highlight: Less wind for Southern U.S. this year versus last January. Fig. 1-2: The January 2023 zonal and meridional observed wind speed anomalies. January 2023 observation discussion: During last mid-winter, an upper trough dominated the West U.S. and upper ridge over New England. Consequently, wind speed was lighter than normal across the Northeast while Southeast States observed above normal meridional wind. Lighter than normal wind was also observed across the central Great Plains to the Northwest States. The upper trough spawned above normal wind speed across Southern California and Arizona. January 2024 forecast discussion: The outlook for mid-winter indicates below normal zonal wind flows across Southern Canada eastward to the Southeast Canada Maritimes. Below normal zonal wind flow is also indicated across the 4 Corners region. Meridional wind speeds are forecast greater than normal on the Pacific Northwest Coast and parts of the Interior West. The wind direction during high wind speeds is southerly ahead of Pacific storms. In the East, meridional wind speeds are generally below normal for the eastern Ohio and Tennessee Valley(s) plus New England. Overall, the U.S. January 2024 wind speeds are forecast below normal. The primary reason for that forecast solution is the displacement of the U.S. storm track to a southern latitude due to El Nino. Fig. 3-4: The January 2024 zonal and meridional forecast wind speed anomalies.