08/18/2022, 8:04 am EDT

U.S. Medium-range Forecast: Out-of-control Northwest heat. Northeast looks warmer. 

Chart of the day: Medium-range high impact weather. Discussion: NOAA/CPC high impact weather outlook for the 8-14-day period maintains western threats. The current Northwest to California heat wave continues. Drought acceleration is spawned Interior Northwest by the hot and dry weather and adds the northwest Great Plains. In the Southwest, a regenerating super wet monsoon brings more flooding. Medium-range 6-10 Day Forecast Valid August 23-27, 2022 (24-hour change right) Medium-range 11-15 Day Forecast Valid August 28-September 1, 2022 (24-hour change right) Discussion: The Northwest heat is steadily relentless. Drought develops and strengthens. The extreme heat extends to California. The Northeast U.S. also is very warm due to a high-pressure ridge over southeastern Canada. The wet/cool pattern in the Southwest U.S. continues. %Normal Precipitation forecast for the Medium-range Discussion: ECM ENS maintains the wet forecast across Texas in the 6-10-day period and adds the Interior West while the Midwest trends drier. In the 11-15-day period, wet weather in Texas extends to the Ohio Valley and the Southwest is not as wet. Extended-range Days 16-20 Forecast September 2-6, 2022 Discussion: Extended-range forecasts will not budge on the Northwest heat while dryness continues across the North-central U.S. and a tropical cyclone threatens the East Coast.