05/30/2023, 8:24 am EDT

South America Week 2-4 Outlook: Expect a sharp pattern change in Argentina through mid-June.

Chart of the day: Advancing South America drought. Discussion: South America drought is expanding. The established Argentina drought area has observed some recent rainfall but not enough to turn around the vigorous long-term drought. Dryness in Brazil has increased especially Southwest and Interior Southeast sections. Week-2 Valid June 5-12, 2023, 2022: Lingering Argentina warmth. Discussion: Lingering very warm temperatures in Argentina followed by a showery cold front late period. Week-3 Valid June 12-19, 2023: Pattern change. Discussion: Sharp secondary cold front brings chilly air across Argentina into Southwest Brazil including a freeze risk. Week-4 Valid June 19-26, 2023: Continued cool Argentina.    Discussion: Cool temperatures across central portions of South America lingers.