02/23/2024, 9:19 am EST

South America Week 2-4 Outlook: Thunderstorms suppress Northern Argentina heat risk, common during February (so far).

Charts of the day: February 2024 climate so far. Discussion: The February 2024 temperature and precipitation anomaly observations so far feature some excessive heat in Central Argentina while most of Brazil is marginally hotter than normal. The precipitation anomalies reveal drought intensifying dry rainfall anomalies across much of central and northeast Brazil plus northwest Argentina while Western Brazil was wet. Week-2 Valid March 3-9, 2024: Thunderstorms suppress Northern Argentina heat. Discussion: Thundershowers suppress anomalous heat, common during February, across the northern half of Argentina. Brazil is mostly drier/hotter than normal. Week-3 Valid March 10-16, 2024: Brazil drought worsens. Discussion: Anomalous heat continues to worsen Brazil drought while tendency for Northern Argentina thunderstorms continues. Week-4 Valid March 17-23, 2024: Late season anomalous heat/dryness. Discussion: After mid-March anomalous heat continues to worsen the Brazil drought. Argentina could be hotter than indicated.