01/27/2023, 12:46 pm EST

AG Market Hot Spot: Latest South America 15-day rainfall forecast.

Highlight: Patchy heavy rain brings limited benefit to the Argentina drought zone. North and northwest Brazil second corn crop areas are drier. Fig. 1-3: the 12Z GFS rainfall anomaly forecast for the next 15 days across Argentina and Brazil. Discussion: The 12Z GFS offered more interesting results! In the 5-day outlook, the forecast trends wetter where rainfall is expected which is the far northwest and north Argentina soybean areas (Fig. 1). Note the dryness to the north across the Brazil second corn crop. In the 6-10-day forecast there are patchy heavy thunderstorms back in the forecast (Fig. 2). Where it rains, it pours. However, not everyone receives rain in the Argentina drought area. Once again, the north and northwest second corn crop area in Brazil is mostly dry. In the 11-15-day period, the forecast trends drier with only a small sector on the Uruguay border receiving rainfall (Fig. 3).