03/24/2023, 10:36 am EDT

Europe Week 2-4 Outlook: Short-term wet weather for Europe and cool into Early April.

Chart of the day: ECM 10-day rainfall forecast. Discussion: All models, including ECM, maintain a wet pattern across U.K./Ireland to Central Europe and into Western Russia. Dry soil conditions in U.K./Ireland, France and Northern Italy benefit from the rainfall. Week-2 Ahead Forecast valid April 3-10, 2023: Cooler Europe. Discussion: Upper trough drops anchor on Europe inspiring a continuation of the late March wet regime. Russia remains unusually mild and dry. Ukraine is in-between the two regimes averaging wetter than normal. Week-3 Ahead Forecast valid April 10-17, 2023: Warm pattern extends across Black Sea region. Discussion: The cool trough in Europe weakens. Warmth across Russia continues while the Black Sea region trends warmer. Wet weather persists on the EU/RU border (and vicinity) while Western Europe trend is drier. Week-4 Ahead Forecast valid April 17-24, 2023: Warmer Europe. Discussion: After mid-April, a Europe warming trend is expected.