11/22/2022, 4:15 pm EST

Australia Week 2-4 Outlook: Wet weather risk easing.

Highlight: Wet weather risk easing. Chart of the day: Last week’s rainfall. Discussion: Last week, heavy rain continued in Victoria. However, the heaviest rain shifted to the interior northwestern continent while much of the East was less wet. Week-2 Ahead Forecast valid November 28-December 4, 2022 (previous below): Wet Northeast; cool East. Discussion: The outlook stays cool North and East Australia with wet weather focused on the northeastern continent while elsewhere is dry. Week-3 Ahead Forecast valid December 5-11, 2022 (previous below): Drier! Discussion: Nationally, a notably drier trend. Cool weather persists across the southern continent. Week-4 Ahead Forecast valid December 12-18, 2022: Wet weather risk easing. Discussion: West and central continent is dry while cool weather lingers Southeast Australia.