Turning Very Cold & Snowy Across Europe To Close February

Snow Away From The Coast This Weekend Northeast Corridor
02/15/2018, 4:04 pm EDT
West U.S./Europe Colder Pattern Change
02/18/2018, 9:18 pm EDT
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The coldest weather of the winter season arrives meteorological winter fades in Europe. Evolving cold gains arctic characteristics by late month in east/northeast portions of Europe. Widening snow cover will invite the cold south into Ukraine and the Black Sea region.

An evolving cold air mass over Western Russia expands into Europe later next week. The air mass gains arctic characteristics with time enhanced by deepening widespread snowfall. By late next week the Baltic nations are 20-30F below normal and that cold extends to Northwest Russia. The super cold spreads into Ukraine the weekend of Feb. 24-25.  The 10-day snowfall forecast based on the ECMWF (model) indicates widespread deep snows spreading into Southern Europe. The snowfall enhances the cold and could invite the big chill to the southern Europe Coast in the 11-15 day period.

Fig. 1: GFS day 8-14 temperature anomaly forecast for Europe identifies a sharp cold pattern change.

Fig. 2: The ECMWF 10-day snowfall forecast for Europe/Western Russia.