Record Chill Midwest U.S. in April

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April 2018 U.S. Temperature Ranks = Record Cold Midwest

Discussion: April 2018 produced all-time record cold across Iowa and Wisconsin and top 5 cold across the remainder of the Great Plains to the central Ohio Valley plus Michigan to New York (Fig. 1). Conversely, Arizona observed the 2nd warmest April on record.

Fig. 1: Statewide average temperature ranks for April 2018.

Minimum temperature ranks set records in April throughout the U.S. Corn and Wheat Belt (Fig. 2). All-time top 5 cool extended south to Texas and Louisiana plus the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys.  Iowa also recorded an all-time record cool average maximum temperature during April (Fig. 3).

Fig. 2: Statewide minimum temperature ranks for April 2018.

Fig. 3: Statewide maximum temperature ranks for April 2018.

Cool temperatures usually indicate drier than normal climate. The Great Plains was drier to much drier than normal during April (Fig. 4). Most of the East was wetter than normal while Washington recorded the 3rd wettest April on record.

Fig. 4: Statewide precipitation ranks for April 2018.