Not A Big Storm BUT A Large Number of States Affected By Snow

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01/12/2018, 2:53 pm EDT
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01/17/2018, 12:26 pm EDT
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1.       Winter weather advisories are posted for Texas to the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys plus the Midwest U.S. A total of 16 states are affected. The advisory is for a general light to moderate snow extending from the Midwest to Texas along the lean edge of  cold front that has a following arctic air mass. Winter storm warnings have been posted for south-central Texas to central Arkansas where freezing rain/ice, sleet and eventually snow are likely. Snow is occurring in the Midwest/Ohio Valley now and will extend south along the south-surging cold front now in Oklahoma reaching east/south Texas overnight.

2.       This event will produce a relatively brief but serious icing event in San Antonio/Austin by midnight lasting through the pre-dawn hours. A wintery mix into Houston tomorrow daytime.

3.       Wind chill advisories and warnings follow as the next arctic air mass arrives over fresh snow cover. 25 to 30 below normal tomorrow morning in the Great Plains almost to Dallas and Little Rock. 25 to 30 below normal on the Texas Coast tomorrow afternoon. The arctic air moderates (a little) into the Southeast/Gulf States midweek.

4.       Before we discuss the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast snow event for TUE night/WED there is an un-forecast roadway icing event taking place now in southeast Massachusetts with standstill traffic. Treacherous driving on untreated solid iced roadways.

5.       The cold front will try to phase with the following upper trough TUE night/WED on the East Coast causing a moderate snow in Virginia/Maryland TUE night with moderate snow Baltimore to NYC and possibly Boston dawn Wednesday. The models vary on aerial coverage of exposure for this event AND snowfall amount . The midday GFS is aggressive and indicates near 4 in. across much of Virginia (except southwest) and 4-8 in. near and west/northwest of Baltimore/Philadelphia to southern New England.

6.       By Friday the cold is gone.