North Atlantic/East Pacific SSTA Observations/Trends

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The North Atlantic basin is cooling in the subtropics and tropics ahead of the beginning of the most active part of the tropical cyclone season. In the East Pacific widespread warming is occurring although El Nino warming has not occurred in the equatorial East Pacific (yet).

Fig. 1:  The North Atlantic basin SSTA (weekly) analysis and trends.

The North Atlantic basin average sea surface temperature anomaly is -0.04C (Fig. 1). The bulk of the cool bias is south of Greenland and in the tropics countered by very warm SSTA east of New England and in the Gulf of Mexico. The 2-week SSTA change across the North Atlantic basin is -0.31C and the bulk of that cool change is in the North Atlantic subtropics and tropics.

In the East Pacific we await development of El Nino which has not occurred yet (Fig. 2). Two major changes include warming off the coast of Baja California, an area that has been quite warm the past 1-2 years and also north and northeast of Hawaii implying the Pacific decadal oscillation may trend toward the warm phase.


Fig. 2:  The East Pacific basin SSTA (weekly) analysis and trends.