Mid-Winter Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Much Less Than Last Year

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02/06/2018, 3:23 pm EDT
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The January 2018 snow cover report issued by The Rutgers Snow Laboratory indicates northern hemisphere snow cover is near normal and substantially less than last year at this time. Snow cover data is available beginning in 1966, a total of 52 years of climatology. In January 2018 the northern hemisphere ranked 27 (of 52 years) which is essentially right at normal. In January 2017 the northern hemisphere was much snowier ranking 6 (of 51 years).

Regionally, snow cover in January 2018 is generally below normal with two exceptions. Alaska has ranked almost the most snowy on record this past month since 1966 while Canada was 7th most snowy since 1966. Eurasia (29), North America (30) and the United States (31) were each below normal.

Last year at this time Alaska ranked 36th most snowy of 51 years while the northern hemisphere and all regions except Alaska ranked in the top 13 years of snowiest conditions.