Maximum Wind With Northeast Storm Occurs Friday Evening

Another “Bomb” Storm Off Southeast New England Tonight
03/01/2018, 2:02 pm EDT
Explaining Argentina Dryness
03/04/2018, 3:19 pm EDT
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Late yesterday/early evening the minimum low pressure of the storm system south of Nantucket dipped to 972 MB. This pressure places the storm in the category 2 hurricane intensity scale according to the old Saffir-Simpson Scale. A category 2 hurricane produces sustained wind of 96-110 mph. The storm off Nantucket was a conventional late winter mid-latitude cyclone. However, the wind speeds produced reached sustained hurricane force off the southeast coast of Massachusetts while widespread hurricane force gusts extended cross Cape Cod and The Islands. Maximum wind gust was 93 mph in Barnstable, MA. Several location on The Cape gusted to 90+ mph. The north to northeast fetch of high wind brought 2-4 foot storm surges in some eastern Massachusetts beaches. Flooding from heavy rain also occurred with over 5 in. in Bridgewater, MA located interior southeast Massachusetts. High wind extended westward throughout southern New England and into the Mid-Atlantic region. Gusts to 70 mph occurred in Washington, DC and as far south as northeast North Carolina. Once again there was a global climate component to this storm whereas the earth’s angular momentum had slowed leaving the jet stream susceptible to buckling and producing major storms. The negative phase of atmospheric angular momentum also occurred in early January during the U.S. arctic outbreak.