Category 5 Major Hurricane Haggibis Turns Toward Japan

Northeast Rainstorm later this week; North-central U.S. blizzard ahead.
10/06/2019, 1:51 pm EDT
Piling rain, high wind and crashing seas storm to develop across southeast New England WED-FRI.
10/08/2019, 7:55 am EDT
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Major Typhoon Hagibis delivers 10-20 in. of rain to Tokyo early next weekend.

Fig. 1: The 5-day forecast track for Category 5 Major Typhoon Hagibis.

Discussion: Category 5 Major Typhoon Hagibis in the West Pacific tropics is forecast to turn northwest the next few days while maintaining exceptional intensity and then north toward Japan later this week. The 5-day forecast track indicates Hagibis is approaching Osaka, Japan as a category 3 major typhoon late this week (Fig. 1). The storm is likely to turn northeast along the coast and deliver 10-20 in. of rain to Tokyo early next weekend based on the GFS OP 24-hour rainfall forecast (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2: The GFS OP indicates 10-20 in. of rain moves across Tokyo, Japan area into early weekend associated with Major Typhoon Hagibis.