Heavy Rains To Hit U.S. Corn Belt This Week

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After a hot and mostly dry period through mid-June Central U.S. agriculture areas are struck by 3-6 in. of gully-washer rains this week.

Fig. 1-2: Last week the U.S. was very warm particularly in the AG Belt while areas of wet weather also affected the AG Belt to the northeast Gulf States.

This week: Risk of a July drought northward into the Corn Belt is likely eliminated by gully-washer 3-6 in. rainfalls this week from Nebraska/Kansas to Iowa/Illinois. The rains follow a period of anomalous heat and dryness last week in the AG Belt (Fig. 1-2).

Days 6-10 (June 23-June 27): Borderline heat West and South U.S. while more wet weather suppresses heat in the Corn Belt.

Days 11-15 (June 28-July 2): Big warm-up in the Corn Belt and likely drier but hit-and-miss air mass thunderstorms are likely.

Early July mega-cluster: Still favoring an eastern U.S. ridge with wet weather on the back side of that ridge near or in the eastern Corn Belt.

New long-range climate forecasts through winter 2018-19 are issued this week.