Hang Onto Your Hat in Hawaii: A Windy Weather Pattern

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An extended period of high wind emerged in the Hawaiian Islands during November. Daily wind gusts on each island have reached 25-35 mph almost each day in the last 15 days including gusts to 45 mph in Molokai. Honolulu has frequently gusted higher than 30 mph during the past 15 days.

The cause of the high wind regime is produced by 2 vary different weather systems north of Hawaii. To the northeast of the Hawaiian Islands the past 15 days an intense low pressure area has dominated induced by a cold trough aloft. The cold trough aloft is so intense that high elevations of Hawaii observed heavy snow in late November.

To the northwest of the Hawaiian Islands the opposite regime is observed. Titanic high pressure toward the Dateline developed in November in this region. The difference in sea level pressure between the high pressure northwest of the Hawaiian Islands and deep low pressure to the northeast has driven the windy pattern.