Global Climate: April 22-28, 2018

Explaining The U.S. Super Cold April
04/24/2018, 2:52 pm EST
A Snowy Cold Season 2017-18 for North America
05/06/2018, 8:39 am EST
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Chart of the week: Above normal snow cover covers much of the northern hemisphere in late April! Included are parts of the northern U.S., much of southern Canada, east-central Europe to west-central Russia, Mongolia and southwest China. The late season snow cover is biasing northern hemisphere climate cold (Upper Midwest U.S., West-central Russia) and quite warm south of the snow cover (Western U.S., Southern Europe and Northern China).

United States: Heavy rains affected the Interior Southeast to central Appalachian States. Rainfall in the South-Central/Southwest Great Plains was not enough to change the drought scenario. The Western U.S. was the warm spot particularly the Southwest Desert. The Southern Plains were cool.

Europe: Relentless warmth centered on South and Southeast Europe where precipitation was minimal or none at all.

Western Russia: Very warm and dry Western Black Sea region otherwise dry and marginally warm. Western Russia was mostly showery and temperate.

China: Northern China Crop Areas were dry last week with very warm temperatures.

Australia: Widespread dryness was observed with the southern 2/3 of the continent warmer than normal.

India: No rain central and west portions of India while patchy rains affected east and southeast sections. Overall temperatures averaged near normal.

South Africa: No rain as drought continues!

South America: Very warm temperatures affected Argentina to far southeast portions of Brazil. Marginal rainfall across northeast Argentina while Brazil was very dry.