Global Climate: April 22-28, 2018

Explaining The U.S. Super Cold April
04/24/2018, 2:52 pm EDT
A Snowy Cold Season 2017-18 for North America
05/06/2018, 8:39 am EDT
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Last week the early season anomalous warm pattern across much of Europe continued! Strong warming was also common in parts of Eastern Asia and across the Southwest U.S. Drought Area.

Chart of the week: Above normal snow cover covers much of the northern hemisphere in late April! Included are parts of the northern U.S., much of southern Canada, east-central Europe to west-central Russia, Mongolia and southwest China. The late season snow cover is biasing northern hemisphere climate cold (Upper Midwest U.S., West-central Russia) and quite warm south of the snow cover (Western U.S., Southern Europe and Northern China).

United States: Heavy rains affected the Interior Southeast to central Appalachian States. Rainfall in the South-Central/Southwest Great Plains was not enough to change the drought scenario. The Western U.S. was the warm spot particularly the Southwest Desert. The Southern Plains were cool.

Europe: Relentless warmth centered on South and Southeast Europe where precipitation was minimal or none at all.

Western Russia: Very warm and dry Western Black Sea region otherwise dry and marginally warm. Western Russia was mostly showery and temperate.

China: Northern China Crop Areas were dry last week with very warm temperatures.

Australia: Widespread dryness was observed with the southern 2/3 of the continent warmer than normal.

India: No rain central and west portions of India while patchy rains affected east and southeast sections. Overall temperatures averaged near normal.

South Africa: No rain as drought continues!

South America: Very warm temperatures affected Argentina to far southeast portions of Brazil. Marginal rainfall across northeast Argentina while Brazil was very dry.