Early Look At Potential Snowfall Mid-Next Week in Mid-Atlantic is STUNNING

Yet Another Northeast Snowstorm Next Week
03/15/2018, 1:24 pm EDT
Intensifying Marcus Northwest of Australia
03/18/2018, 4:53 pm EDT
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Today’s midday GFS indicates a wild snowfall forecast for Mar. 20-22 featuring a large area of near 20 in. of snow across eastern Pennsylvania to NYC. The event is generated by a long duration stalled storm enabling more piling snows. Accumulating snowfall during March especially during the daytime hours is hard to do given the brightness of an early spring sky but forecast models are consistent, in fact heavier with the snowfall forecast.

The event begins as a cold rain in the Mid-Atlantic region Tuesday while a swath of snow extends westward from Ohio to Iowa. By Tuesday evening snow is likely away from the coast in southern New England stretching across most of Pennsylvania and throughout the Midwest/East-Central U.S. Wednesday morning is snowy from the southern half of New England to the DCA/BWI to the Ohio Valley. A total of 20 states may have snowfall on March 21st.

The snow continues all day Wednesday from Virginia to New England finally ending in the Mid-Atlantic Wednesday night and well into Thursday in New England.