3 North Pacific Intense Tropical Cyclones

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10/02/2018, 6:01 am EDT
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10/05/2018, 9:58 am EDT
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Discussion: The tropical/subtropical North Pacific is very busy with 3 very intense tropical cyclones, one in each basin. In the West Pacific Kong-Rey was downgraded from a major typhoon to category 2 today (Fig. 1). Kong-Rey will turn north tonight and northeast later tomorrow passing in-between Japan and South Korea.

A historic year for tropical cyclones in the Hawaiian Islands! Yet another major hurricane passes the islands this time to the west as Walaka maintains category 4 major hurricane intensity while heading due north (Fig. 2).

In the East Pacific Major Hurricane Sergio is moving west and still intensifying (Fig. 3). Sergio is forecast to become a category 4 hurricane over the next 24 hours. Sergio is not expected to reach Hawaii instead turning north and northeast early next week.

Fig. 1-2: Category 2 Typhoon Kong-Rey turns north to the west of Japan while Category 4 Major Hurricane Walaka stays wet of Hawaii.

Fig. 3: Category 3 Major Hurricane Sergio is still strengthening heading west.