Daily Market Feature: Fuego Eruption Fallout Reaching Stratosphere

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06/01/2018, 5:32 am EDT
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06/05/2018, 8:36 am EDT
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Very preliminary reports are indicating the Mt. Fuego, Guatemala volcanic eruption is emitting fallout into the stratosphere. The distance into the atmosphere from the 12,000 foot mountain indicates potential for a volcanic eruptive index of 3. VEI of 3 will impact climate if sustained. These are very preliminary reports.

Mt. Fuego erupts, fallout intrusion to stratosphere may be occurring

Discussion: Two hours ago the Mt. Fuego, Guatemala volcano erupted. Preliminary indications are a potential volcanic eruption index 3 on the zero to 8 scale. VEI = 3 will impact climate if sustained. The VEI report is preliminary!  

Fig. 1-2: Mt. Fuego, Guatemala volcano reaches 3 on the VEI scale.