Spring 2019 U.S. Climate Rankings by State

Evolution of JUN/JUL Pacific Coast Heat
06/10/2019, 9:59 am EDT
Using ENSO/PDO for Optimum Climate Normal
06/12/2019, 12:50 pm EDT
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6th wettest spring on record in the U.S.

Discussion: Given the 125 year climatology spring 2019 ranked 62 for U.S. temperature. Spring produced a top ten cool regime in South Dakota while the Mid-Atlantic to Florida ranked in the top 10 warmest (Fig. 1). Spring 2019 precipitation for the U.S. ranked 120 of 125 (or 6th wettest). 32 of 48 contiguous states were wetter than normal lead by Kansas which was wettest on record (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1: Historical ranking of temperature for spring 2019.

Fig. 2: Historical ranking of precipitation for spring 2019.