Let it Snow! Ohio Valley to New England

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01/30/2018, 12:22 pm EDT
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02/04/2018, 1:36 pm EDT
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Evolution of an arctic mass in south-central Canada will occasionally extend to the Ohio Valley to New England at times through the next 10 days. Along the edge of the chill frequent snowfall events are likely.

Discussion: Forecast models have backed off the idea of U.S. arctic outbreaks through the first 1-2 weeks of February. However, pulses of arctic air remain in the forecast through next week. In addition, 3-4 snowfall events are likely across the Midwest, Ohio Valley and into the Northeast U.S. over the next 10+ days likely to sustain colder temperatures and slow any warming for these areas. South of the snowfall zones (Fig. 1-4) the February warming will emerge.

Fig. 1: GFS depiction of 4-8 in. of snow Feb. 3-5 in the Northeast U.S.

Fig. 2: GFS depiction of 5-15 in. of snow Feb. 5-7 in the Northeast U.S.

Fig. 3: GFS depiction of 4-15 in. of snow Feb. 7-9 in the Northeast U.S.

Fig. 4: GFS depiction of 4-12 in. of snow Feb. 9-11 in the Northeast U.S.