Seasonal Canada Outlook for Meteorological Autumn 2018

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08/30/2018, 8:59 pm EDT
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09/03/2018, 8:25 am EDT
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The Canadian Meteorological Center seasonal outlook for meteorological autumn 2018 is warmer than normal across the southern 2/3 of Canada.

Canadian Meteorological Center Issues New Seasonal Forecast

Fig. 1-2: The Canadian Meteorological Center issues a new seasonal temperature and precipitation probability forecast for SEP/OCT/NOV 2018.

Discussion: The Canadian Meteorological Center issued a new seasonal climate forecast on Aug. 31 valid for SEP/OCT/NOV 2018. The temperature probability forecast indicates a warmer than normal risk over the southern 2/3 of the nation plus the north-central region (Fig. 1). Above normal precipitation risk is issued for south-central portions of Canada and northwestern Canada while dryness is forecast for northern Alberta and Saskatchewan (Fig. 2).