Seven Tropical Features Across The Tropical North Atlantic Basin

The North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Season So Far
09/10/2020, 12:28 pm EDT
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09/16/2020, 1:52 pm EDT
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Sally update: Stronger…MS/AL coast in life threatening right-front quadrant. Monitoring 7 tropical systems in North Atlantic.

Fig. 1: The updated NOAA/NHC forecast track for Hurricane Sally.

Discussion: At 2PM EDT Hurricane Sally was located at 28.7N/87.1W or about 125 miles east-southeast of the Mississippi River. Sally is moving west-northwest (285 degrees) at 7 mph. Top wind is 90 mph. Surface pressure is now 986 MB. Sally is gaining strength steadily. The adjusted forecast indicated a northwest turn tomorrow morning toward far southeast Louisiana and northward tomorrow afternoon along the far southeast coast of Louisiana. Sally becomes a category-2 hurricane during this north turn. The Mississippi landfall forecast is delayed until late tomorrow evening on the eastern coast as a category-2 hurricane. There is risk of a minimal category-3 major hurricane prior to landfall in Mississippi.

Elsewhere in the North Atlantic there are six other tropical systems monitored but none imminently threatening the U.S. Paulette is forecast to become a major hurricane well northeast of Bermuda close to 40N latitude tomorrow. Tropical Storm Teddy in the east-central North Atlantic tropics drifts northwest and also becomes a major hurricane in 4-5 days in the central subtropical North Atlantic. An area of thunderstorms is trying to organize as a tropical disturbance in the west-southwest Gulf of Mexico.

Fig. 2: Across the North Atlantic basin 7 tropical systems are monitored.