Rhine River Continues to Lower

2-Week Soil Moisture CHANGE Forecast by GFS is Wetter Texas
08/05/2018, 9:13 am EST
Australian Drought to Worsen
08/09/2018, 2:12 pm EST
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Discussion: The summer 2018 drought across Europe most focused on Central Europe has caused river levels to lower toward historic low water levels. The Rhine River has lowered to values 25% of height observed in early summer at Kaub (Fig. 1), to 30% of the early summer level at Cologne (Fig. 2) and 40% of early summer values at Ruhrort (Fig. 3). There is some potentially significant rainfall (several inches) forecast by the GFS OP over the next week just west of the Rhine (Fig. 4). The 8-14 day forecast by the GFS OP is drier (Fig. 5). The GFS OP is the wettest forecast of operational models.

Fig. 1: Rhine River level at Kaub has lowered to 75 CM (30 IN) today.

Fig. 2: Rhine River level at Cologne has lowered to 120 CM (47 IN) today.

Fig. 3: Rhine River level at Ruhrort has lowered to 210 CM (83 IN) today.

Fig. 4: GFS OP day 1-7 percent of normal rainfall forecast.

Fig. 5: GFS OP day 8-14 percent of normal rainfall forecast.