Piling rain, high wind and crashing seas storm to develop across southeast New England WED-FRI.

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Discussion: A dangerous situation is developing off the East Coast as a massive area of newborn convection off the Mid-Atlantic States and east of Florida is about to convene into one low pressure area tomorrow afternoon due east of southeast Maryland and produce a slow-moving strong storm bringing days of high wind and rain to southeast New England. The GFS OP conservatively forecasts 3-7 in. of rain across southeast New England beginning tomorrow and lasting into the weekend. Fresh water flash flooding will emerge by this storm Wednesday night and that risk will last through Friday for southeastern New England. East wind develops tomorrow and with ferocity tomorrow night also lasting into Friday. Piled water offshore will be pushed toward the coast causing widespread coastal flooding and erosion issues for east-facing beaches of southeast New England. Gale force wind is likely Thursday with tropical storm force wind occurring across Cape Cod and especially Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Although most of the rain and wind affects southeast New England with this October storm inland areas are also rainy and windy and rising sea states causing flooding extend westward to Long Island Sound and the northern Mid-Atlantic States. The combination of a stalled front entraining tropical moisture to the east and south creates a “perfect storm” of sorts south-southeast of the Cape and The Islands for mid-to-late week.