Heatwave Ahead for Boston?

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06/18/2018, 4:32 am EDT
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06/26/2018, 10:57 am EDT
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The just-issued GFS operational model indicates a hot scenario for the Northeast U.S. centered on New England June 29-July 6 which includes one half dozen days >90 in Boston including 97 on July 5. The forecast is likely too hot BUT the trend is in the right direction.

Discussion: The just-issued 0600 GMT GFS operational model is fiery hot with a 105.4 U.S. CDD total (67 is normal) for the (natural gas) week ending July 5.  The demand is amplified by Northeast U.S. heat (Fig. 1) including a super heat wave in Boston featuring 92-97F for most of June 29-July 6 (Fig. 2). The forecast is likely too hot but the trend toward the implied heat is correct.

Fig. 1: 0600 GMT GFS OP day 11-15 U.S. temperature anomalies.

Fig. 2: 0600 GMT GFS OP MAX/MIN forecast for Boston, MA.