Colder Pattern Change Ahead in Europe Featuring Developing and Widening Snow Cover

Forecast Factors for U.S. Winter
11/25/2017, 7:43 am EDT
Polar Vortex Pattern Emerging in U.S. in 9-10 Days
11/29/2017, 10:30 am EDT
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A warm autumn looks to reverse much colder as meteorological winter arrives. Into mid-week a cold upper trough evolves over France and Germany sufficiently cold to produce snows in southern Norway/Sweden, the Baltic Nations and Swiss Alps. The cold upper trough intensifies over south-central Europe later this week causing new snowfall to expand into Eastern Europe for the weekend. New snows pile across Northwest Russia and Northern Europe into early next week.  The trough shifts east and causes heavy snows across all of Eastern Europe/Western Russia (away from the Black Sea) into early next week. Morning forecast models try to break the cold and snowy pattern change late next week but that break may be temporary with more following cold and snow.