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06/02/2019, 8:58 am EDT

BGE May 2019 Climate Summary

May (+5.1) was warm and thundery (9 days) Fig. 1: After soaking wet soils of late winter/early spring elevating the risk of downed trees during high wind events the Palmer Drought Severity Index has eased now indicating marginally wet soils in the Baltimore area in late May. Discussion: May 2019 was very warm across the BGE Service Area. Baltimore Washington International Airport observed a monthly departure from normal of +5.1F. Interestingly, the super-warm departure was not as warm as last year (+6.7F). Rainfall was above normal in May. At BWI 5.51 in. of rain was observed (137% of the 30-year normal). Last year was wetter (195% of normal). During May 9 thunderstorm days were observed which is above normal (~6). However, more than half of the rainfall in May was produced by non-thunderstorm events. Last year May observed 10 thunderstorm days. Number of days when the maximum temperature exceeded 90F was 4 during May and 3 of the 3 days occurred during the last 4 days of the month. Last year the thermometer eclipsed 90F on three occasions. BGE observed 2 qualifying days of ALERT conditions due to wind (gust 46 mph on May 23 and gust 38 mph on May 30) and no qualifying days in regard to rainfall (i.e. no days with >1.00 in.). Although rainfall was above normal the scattered nature of the rainfall, lack of daily extremes and warmer than normal climate lead to a rapid deceleration of soil moisture from extremely wet to very wet during early-to-middle spring to marginally wet as May closed (Fig. 1).