Beautiful Day in New England but Changes Are On The Way

Super Warm Central/East This Week – Most of U.S. Colder Than Normal by Late December
12/18/2017, 5:20 am EST
Incoming Business & Home Heating Demand Peak
12/22/2017, 2:13 pm EST
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Some sunshine across thinning snow cover in central New England today while southern New England has lost its snow. Another warm surge Friday accompanied by snow to ice to widespread rainfall. Temperatures into the 60’s in NYC Saturday with 50’s across southern New England. The early weekend storm is mostly rain but trailing the event is an arctic outbreak poised to strike the North-Central U.S. Saturday. Ohio Valley on Sunday and moderate while pouring into the Northeast Corridor Christmas Day. Forecast trend of models is the incoming front is sufficiently progressive to prevent a Christmas storm in the East but forecast confidence is low.

Next week is cold. But uncertainty reigns on storms and snowfall. One important aspect of the cold is the tendency for the Midwest (Chicago) to attract the arctic chill while the Mid-Atlantic (Philadelphia) observes moderated chill and the strong cold misses the Southeast States. Next week is very cold North but the big chill loses its intensity quickly south of snow cover.

Pictured: Dec. 24-30 max/min forecast for Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta.