Another “Bomb” Storm Off Southeast New England Tonight

North Atlantic Tropics Are Cooling
02/28/2018, 8:05 pm EDT
Maximum Wind With Northeast Storm Occurs Friday Evening
03/03/2018, 6:59 am EDT
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A late winter storm develops several hundred miles east of Delaware early tomorrow morning. By dawn the central pressure is 983 MB southeast of Nantucket and an easterly gale develops into the east/southeast coast of Massachusetts and westward to Long Island Sound. By 1PM tomorrow the storm center is just east of Nantucket with central pressure 973 MB. A wind swept heavy rain affects east and south New England to the northern Mid-Atlantic States with snow, sleet and rain mixed well inland. Wind gusts accelerate to near 60 mph into east/southeast Massachusetts. Rapid water rise at the coast with flooding onset. By tomorrow evening the storm whirls southward and near hurricane force wind gusts occur Cape Cod and Islands to 55-60 mph as far west as NYC. Cold air aloft is causing precipitation to change to heavy snow interior southern New England. Coastal flooding intensifies. Central pressure of the storm is 970 MB and sustained wind near hurricane force is present just west and north of the storm center. The storm pulls away on Saturday with wind easing inland but continuing at the coast. Coastal flooding eases late Saturday southeast/east Massachusetts.